Pyongyang to deploy new multiple rocket launcher this year: KCNA

Pyongyang to deploy new multiple rocket launcher this year: KCNA

Pyongyang thanked Moscow next month for using its UN Security Council filibuster to obstruct the appointment of a section of UN specialists who monitored global weapons sanctions against Kim’s program. The mostly isolated nation has recently strengthened military ties with Russia.

Despite UN sanctions that forbid like a walk, South Korea and the United States have accused North Korea of providing weapons to Russia.

Kim and KCNA spoke on Saturday about ways to increase the production of the novel rocket launcher structure and shells, according to KCNA.

Without providing further information, it added that” major changes will be made to our army’s ability to combat artillery fight.”

Pyongyang calling South Korea its “principal adversary” is at one of its lowest points in recent years. It threatened battle over “even 0.001 mm” of regional infringement and jettisoned organizations dedicated to unification.

The North is “also signaling its aspirations to join in defense-related economic activities via continuing professional advancements,” according to Yang Moo-jin, president of the University of North Korean Studies in Seoul, while the country is increasing its military threats to South Korea.

Pyongyang “indirectly verified the effectiveness of its current arms” by providing them to Russia, he told AFP.