PSP says will file motion in Parliament to debate public housing

PSP says will file motion in Parliament to debate public housing

Ms Sim’s latest post upon Tuesday refutes Mister Leong’s assertions that will HDB BTO houses are not subsidised when the land costs are usually disregarded.

Mr Leong experienced also said that general public housing, if dealt with as public infrastructure, can  sit on state land, and you will see no drawdown associated with reserves.

He or she criticised the Government regarding amassing too much in reserves, writing in his Dec 16 blog post: “Even the drawdown on reserves just for COVID-19, which is touted as an once-in-a-lifetime crisis, has hardly caused ‘a dent in the armour’ of our trillion-dollar reserves. ”

He asserted that this more urgent need now is to do a lot more to help the present generation overcome their a lot of challenges, such as to stop increasing taxes like the Goods & Services Tax.

He or she also said that the particular land sales earnings should not be put into the reserves, but utilized in the current budget every year.

Responding to this, Ms Sim stated that HDB BTO houses are sold at a significant subsidy, and many customers also get grants on top of that.

“When house owners sell their BTOs on the resale marketplace, this subsidy is usually realised, ” the lady said.

Wondering Mr Leong’s management of land costs and of Singapore’s reserves, Ms Sim declared that this is “a wrongheaded proposal which carries serious consequences”.

“There is no room for magical considering here. Although the Government has explained this many times, it appears we have to do so again, ” she added.

“Mr Leong is far from being the first Government critic to have over-confidence in the adequacy of our Reserves and to call for Government to utilize more investment profits to fund current investing.

“Like their predecessors, Mr Leong wants Singaporeans to believe that we should save less in our supplies for future generations, and can afford in order to draw down associated with our reserves just for today‚Äôs needs. inch

She then invited Mr Leong to debate this in Parliament, saying: “I therefore ask Mr Leong to go beyond social media posts and file a motion in Parliament, so that we can have a full debate. ”