Prisoner who escaped after penis surgery recaptured

Prisoner who escaped after penis surgery recaptured
Inmate Thanaphat Mayod is seen walking towards a hospital lift in an attempted escape from Bang Lamung Hospital in Pattaya at around 2am on Saturday. (Capture from TV)

CHON BURI: A prisoner who escaped from the surgical ward of Bang Lamung Hospital after undergoing surgery for a penis infection on Saturday has been recaptured, the Department of Corrections announced on Sunday.

Thanaphat Mayod, 37, was found on Sunday at about 7am by corrections officials while hiding on the rooftop of a one-storey building of the psychiatry ward, only about 20 metres away from the surgical ward.

Thanaphat, who is serving time at Pattaya Remand Prison after being convicted in a theft case, was admitted to Bang Lamung Hospital on Dec 6 after suffering a severe infection from injections to enlarge his penis.

After a surgical procedure, he was put in a room for patients on the 7th floor of the surgical ward for recovery.

Thanaphat cut off the chains around his ankles with a pair of pliers and escaped from the room at about 2am on Saturday. His disappearance prompted a search.

Prison officials searched the area around the hospital on Saturday, but were not successful. They then scoured all buildings inside the hospital compound, believing he was unable to go far with a urine tube still inserted in his penis. They finally found Thanaphat crouching on the rooftop of the nearby building.

The man still had one year and 10 months left to serve for the theft conviction.