Prabowo’s nephew and niece touted as candidates for next Jakarta governor

Prabowo’s nephew and niece touted as candidates for next Jakarta governor

JAKARTA: Indonesia’s coming ruling group is considering asking family members&nbsp, of President- elect Prabowo Subianto for the future Jakarta presidential election on Nov 27.

” We propose four names: first, Mbak Sara, second, Mas Budi Djiwandono, third, Mbak Rani Maulani, fourth, myself, Ahmad Riza Patria”, said Gerindra Jakarta chairman Ahmad Riza Patria, as quoted by CNN Indonesia on Thursday ( May 9 ).

Mr Rahayu” Sara” Djojohadikusumo and Mr Budi Djiwandono are the niece and nephew of Mr Prabowo, both.

Previous Jakarta deputy governor Mr. Ahmad. The Jakarta Regional Women’s Representative Council has a representative who serves as its deputy speech.

Local and regional media have also suggested that Ms. Sara and Mr. Budi might succeed Mr. Prabowo as Gerindra party’s chairman.

Sep 22 is Nominating Time.


Those who have carefully followed Ms. Sara and Mr. Budi’s potential election for governor do not come as a surprise to those who have closely followed their democratic trajectory. According to Mr. Prabowo’s businessman brother, Hashim Djojohadikusumo, the home of their ascendant, properly planned their rise. &nbsp, &nbsp,

For over a decade, Gerindra has served as a platform for the political ambitions of Mr Hashim ‘s&nbsp, family. &nbsp, &nbsp,

A report by the Indonesian Studies at the University of Melbourne indicates Mr Hashim, who is also Master Sara’s father, was said to perform a key role in shaping Gerindra’s program, envisioning it not only as a political car for his nephew Mr Prabowo but also for his personal children, nieces, and nephews. &nbsp,

One of Gerindra’s sponsor board’s assistant chairs is Mr. Hashim. One of the party’s assistant chair is now held by his daughter, Ms. Sara.

A social activist, artist, and TV broadcaster, Ms Sara’s entrance into politics began with her vote to the national government during the 2014- 2019 phrase, representing Central Java’s 4th area. &nbsp,

She served on the political committee on faith, social affairs, children’s independence, and child safety. &nbsp,

Ms. Sara is expected to remain sworn in on October 1 despite losing her re-election charge in 2019. She recovered from the defeat in the February parliamentary election. &nbsp,

Like her relatives, Ms. Sara is a staunch follower of faith and has made an open confession about it.

Mr Budi, 42, entered legislature in August 2017, representing the East Kalimantan area following the death of his father, Mr Luther Kombong.

He is now deputy chairman of the house council on agriculture, atmosphere, timber, and marine affairs. &nbsp,

Mr Budi is commonly known as the son of the well- known economist and previous governor of the Indian northern bank, Sudrajad Djiwandono, who is Mr Prabowo’s brother- in- law. &nbsp,


Numerous Indonesian political heavyweights have been in the lead candidate for the next governor of Jakarta.

The position has historically served as a stepping stone for the country’s presidency because it is one of Indonesia’s most well-known political positions.

The current president, Joko Widodo, served as Jakarta governor for two years before assuming the presidency in 2014.

The previous governor, Anies Baswedan, ran for this year’s presidential election which he lost to Mr Prabowo.

According to reports from the local media, Mr. Anies may run for re-election to keep his political influence. &nbsp,

The National Democratic ( Nasdem ) Party and Prosperous Justice Party ( PKS), which nominated Mr Anies for the presidency, have openly discussed the strong possibility of re- nominating him for the Jakarta governorship.

According to polls, the former education minister remains the frontrunner for a second term, buoyed by strong support from Jakarta’s conservative electorate.

A highly anticipated blockbuster rematch between Mr. Anies and his predecessor, former Chinese Christian governor Basuki” Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama may be in the upcoming race. &nbsp, &nbsp,

Along with figures like former armed forces commander Andika Perkasa, finance minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati, minister of social affairs Tri Rismaharini, minister of public works and housing Basuki Hadimuljono, and minister of social affairs and minister of social affairs Tri Rismaharini, are also candidates for the ruling Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDIP ).

Mr Anies defeated Mr Ahok in the 2017 gubernatorial election in a polarising&nbsp, campaign that exposed religious and ethnic divisions in Jakarta. &nbsp,

With the launch of a podcast called Ask Ahok Anything to address issues faced by Jakarta and its residents, Mr. Ahok, who was imprisoned for a contentious blasphemy case in May 2017, has recently sparked a political uproar.

Mr Ridwan Kamil, tipped as one of Indonesia’s rising stars, is also strongly considered by Indonesia’s oldest party, Golkar, as a potential nominee to run for the Jakarta governor post. &nbsp, &nbsp,

Both Mr. Ridwan’s tenures as governor of West Java and mayor of Bandung were successful.

Apart from Mr Ridwan, Golkar is also considering two other candidates for the Jakarta governorship, Mr Ahmed Zaki Iskandar, currently Tangerang regent, and businessman Erwin Aksa, the nephew of former vice- president Jusuf Kalla. &nbsp,

Indonesia is scheduled to hold local elections on Nov 27 to elect 38 governors, 416 regents, and 98 mayors across the country. &nbsp, &nbsp,