Police rescue abducted Indonesians

Police rescue abducted Indonesians

Police rescue abducted Indonesians
During the Tuesday hostage-rescue attack in the Muang area of Phatthalung, police arrested a suspect. ( Photo: Assawin Pakkawan )

A military Thai believe has been detained, and three assaulted Indian men have been freed from a home where they were being held for ransom in the Muang area.

The three immigrants were being held hostage in house 123 in the Muang district’s tambon Tha Khae town, according to Phatthalung police captain Pol Maj Gen Nathakorn Kanchanaporn.

They were identified solely as Syawana, 29, Ariyadi, 29, and Syabini, 39.

Officers were informed by the Indonesian embassy that Mr. Syawana had been abducted in Songkhla’s Hat Yai area, according to Pol Maj Gen Nathakorn, according to Pol Maj Gen Nathakorn. He was subjected to torture, had the mistreatment documented, and had the film sent to the murderer’s younger sister in Indonesia.

The kidnappers demanded that the person spend a 2.3 million baht payment for his launch. She sent them about 800, 000 rmb and instantly filed a problem.

Officers raided the home in tambon Tha Khae in Phatthalung on Tuesday based on information from the Indonesian embassy in Songkhla. &nbsp,

During the recovery operation, officers found two other Citizens even being held captive. All three were taken to hospital for real investigations.

At the plundered home, authorities arrested Weerasak Thong- ubon, 36, a nearby resident of the same town in Phatthalung. He was in possession of a handgun.

Two additional military men were present at the field. They were from Waeng city of Narathiwat. Authorities were still investigating whether they were involved, Pol Maj Gen Nathakorn&nbsp, said.