Police motorcyclist ordered to pay B27m for killing doctor on crossing

Police motorcyclist ordered to pay B27m for killing doctor on crossing

Police motorcyclist ordered to pay B27m for killing doctor on crossing
The families of Dr. Waraluck Supawatjakul take part in a plan for Road Traffic Victims on the World Day of Remembrance in November of last year. ( Photo: Apichart Jinakul )

A police motorist who ran down and killed a dentist on a horse crossing in 2022 was ordered by the Civil Court to give her families$ 27.3 million.

The attempt was &nbsp, made against Pol L/Cpl Norawich Buadok, 23, who was driving the Ducati Monster large vehicle that ran down and killed Dr Waraluck Supawatjariyakul, 33, on a commuter passing in Ratchathewi area in the evening of Jan 21, 2022.

The Metropolitan Police Bureau’s Protection and Crowd Control Division assigned the young police.

He had previously picked up a police record, and had overtaken another automobiles about 30 feet before the passing. He was travelling at an approximated 108 -128 miles per hour when he hit the lady, an opthalmologist, in front of Bhumirajanagarindra Kidney Institute Hospital.

The horse did not stop to help the victim, who died within an hours of&nbsp, being hit.

The defendants were the doctor’s families- Dr Anirut Supawatjariyakul and Ratchanee Supawatjariyakul, both grown 64 times.

They had filed a lawsuit for payment in exchange for their daughter’s financial help. Additionally, the defendants demanded payment of 539 and 493 baht in cash for funeral expenses.

The Civil Court on Tuesday ordered Pol L/Cpl Norawich&nbsp, to give 27 million bass in payment for the kids ‘ lost financial aid, and 331, 230 ringgit in funeral costs.

The courtroom based the compensation on the dying doctor’s quarterly salary of 31, 000 baht as an employee of Police General Hospital, and 1.8- 2.4 million baht in estimated monthly income from part- time jobs at three secret hospitals.

The Royal Thai Police Office was even sued by the parents. The case was dismissed by the judge, who determined that Pol L/Cpl Norawich was in actuality to blame for the doctor’s suicide.

Pol L/Cpl Norawich was even charged with a crime in the case, and he was found guilty and given a jail sentence. His jail sentence was increased to five times and one quarter in January by the Court of Appeal.