PM vows to get ‘Ferrari’ economy humming

In its spread album, Srettha claims that the government is firing on all cylinders to ensure engine performance at its top.

PM vows to get ‘Ferrari’ economy humming
Srettha Thavisin, the prime minister, gets ready for his first monthly broadcast address at Government House’s Khui Kap Srettha ( Talk to Srettha ). ( Photo: Srettha Thavisin Facebook )

Srettha Thavisin, the prime minister, compared Thailand’s business to a 12- or seven-cylinder Ferrari. However, he claims that the government is using all of its resources to restart the motor.

In his first quarterly broadcast address, which was broadcast on state-owned NBT Channel 11 television on Saturday morning, he made the comments. The programs will also be broadcast live on social media platforms and on the MCOT television channel.

Mr. Srettha acknowledged that despite his and his Pheu Thai Party’s efforts to improve the nation’s financial situation, the job may not proceed as planned due to various factors.

In the pre-recorded address, he said,” We often work to the best of our ability, but occasionally the work slows down due to several other factors involved.” Because we are not the only one to decide and put into practice new work, we ca n’t simply do what we want.

Another partnership parties, the opposition, legislature, legal servants and non- political organisations are all there to scrutinise authorities, which can lead to delays, he said.

For instance, simply mentioning that a nuclear power plant could be used to lower costs has sparked opposition when attempting to address the issue of higher energy prices.

He claimed that nuclear power plant production is the least expensive source of energy. ” But, while everyone seems to like low energy, no single wants such a strength- generating service to be built near them”.

In any case, Mr. Srettha confirmed that he had ordered a investigation into Thailand’s options for building a nuclear power plant.

The prime minister defended the government’s efforts to create enjoyment hubs that would allow for casino gambling. The underwater gaming company, he said, is worth trillions of ringgit but contributes little to community.

If these gaming establishments be made legal so that we can increase our tax revenue? he asked philosophically. Is it time for this nation to acknowledge that many other nations now permit games?

The well-travelled PM even refuted speculation that he prioritized regions that are perceived as Pheu Thai social hotspots over another counties when choosing places to visit.

” I am the prime minister of all Thais in all parts of the country, not the prime minister of only Pheu Thai]and its supporters ] (# )”, he said.

He claimed that his visits to the regions have also given him the chance to learn more conventional crafts, which he has brought with him as keepsakes to provide VIPs who travel abroad.

These items, including decorative scarves made of linen- of material called Phet Ratchawat from Phetchaburi, impressed their consumers a great deal, he said.

The PM also provided an explanation of why he enjoys making uninvited travels, stating that it was a way for him to observe problems as they are in person so that he could suggest effective solutions to deal with them.

According to Mr. Srettha, his surprise visit to the Suvarnabhumi airport late gave him an insight into the issues that and how they could be resolved to help improve the airport’s standing in the international airport rankings.

Thailand ca n’t afford to lose visitors who might be upset when they arrive by a long immigration line, he said because tourism promotion is its government’s top priority policy.

Suvarnabhumi has improved dramatically ever since his surprise visit, based on key performance indicators (KPIs ) he prescribed, he said.

According to him, incoming people should be able to claim their luggage no later than 45 hours after takeoff, one of those KPIs. ( Story continues below )

During a Saturday attend to Pattaya, Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin inspections on the status of the 20, 000-seat stadium’s design. The project was initially started on the site in 2008, but the initial contractors decided against it. Structure is anticipated to be finished in 2025, and it has now been revived. In order to attract tourists and money, Mr. Srettha added that he also desired the facility to be a world-class concert location. ( Photo: @thavisin X account )

Chon Buri attend

Mr. Srettha visited Koh Lan, a tiny island off the coast of Pattaya that is well-known to day-trippers, on Saturday in Chon Buri. The area attracts more than 500, 000 individuals a quarter— and their wastes. Thus, resolving spend management issues is a concern for local authorities.

Mr. Srettha even expressed confidence in the completion of the 20, 000-seat Pattaya sports facility construction project in a blog on his X accounts, which comes 17 years after it first commenced before being abandoned by previous contractors. The place will also be an excellent place for staging globe- course concerts, he said.

Mr. Srettha will be speaking with Mr. Srettha about a project to develop business space as part of the Eastern Economic Corridor program at U-tapao aircraft in neighboring Rayong on Sunday. He intends to travel back to Pattaya to see a place where he hopes to see a potential Formula One race, Khao Phra Tamnak.