PM to ease anxiety over new adviser

PM to ease anxiety over new adviser

PM to ease anxiety over new adviser
Paetongtarn: Wants group cohesion

Srettha Thavisin, the prime minister, stated on Wednesday that he is prepared to speak with any Pheu Thai Party MPs annoyed about Wissanu Krea-ngam’s appointment as his director.

The top responded to questions about reports that Pheu Thai head Paetongtarn Shinawatra reportedly urged celebration MPs to aid Mr. Srettha and Mr. Wissanu’s appointment at a gathering meeting on Tuesday. She emphasized that the alliance state needed to have unrestricted help.

Mr. Srettha did not attend the group meeting, but he did say he did not prevent attending, and that he would discuss the situation with Pheu Thai MPs if the matter were to be brought up again.

He even backed the possibility that the situation may not lead to conflicts between him and the Pheu Thai MPs.

Following the Constitution Court’s acceptance of a petition challenging Mr. Srettha’s removal from Pichit Chuenban as prime minister’s office, Mr. Wissanu was appointed as the prime minister’s assistant.

Before the judge agreed to hear the circumstance against Mr. Srettha, Mr. Pichit resigned. A similar complaint against Pichit was also rejected by the court on the grounds that he had previously resigned.

Some Pheu Thai MPs disapproved of Mr. Wissanu’s visit because of his involvement in the previous Prayut Chan- o gan administration’s interference with the coup that overthrew the Pheu Thai-led government in 2014.

Mr. Srettha approached Mr. Wissanu as a legitimate expert to offer advice on how to protect himself in court.

Mr. Srettha stated monday that his defense, which needs to be filed with the judge by June 10, is still being looked at. When asked if the top was concerned about the situation, he responded that he was concerned about every problem.

However, Sorawong Thienthong, Pheu Thai secretary-general, downed reports on Wednesday that some group MPs were unhappy with Mr. Srettha appointing Mr. Wissanu as his assistant.

Mr Sorawong said no gathering MPs had an issue with the perfect leader’s determination, despite the speculations to the contrary.

He added that when Ms. Paetongtarn addressed the issue at the meeting on Tuesday, she did not attempt to make the MPs think like her.

” She only discussed things in the principle… that if we did n’t stick together and blew the appointment issue out of proportion, it could destabilise the government”, said Mr Sorawong.