PM: No Thai casualties in Moscow attack

PM: No Thai casualties in Moscow attack

Thai consulate advises people in place to stay alert after dozens slain at Moscow music house

PM: No Thai casualties in Moscow attack
Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin discusses the fatal problems in Moscow while speaking to reporters at Wing 6 at Don Mueang airports on Saturday. ( Photo: Royal Thai Government )

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin says there have been no reports of Thais being injured in the firing attack that killed dozens of people at a concert hall in Russia.

Speaking at Wing 6 of Don Mueang airports on Saturday, Mr Srettha expressed concern over the health of Thais living in Moscow.

The prime minister even warned of the consequences of murder linked to weapon. He said he had instructed local authorities to really target illegal firearms hands. Unlicensed guns were a big issue, he said.

More than 60 people were killed&nbsp, and at least 145 injured when militants stormed a concert hall in a Moscow district on Friday, the Tass media firm said, quoting Russia’s Investigation Committee.

The strike by some people clad in vests at Crocus City Hall, where bombs and a blaze were reported, prompted Russian national authorities to launch an investigation on suspicion of violence, the reports said. Islamic State insurgents have reportedly claimed responsibility for the assault.

The Thai Embassy in Moscow warned Thais in the area to be in optimistic. On its Twitter page, it told Thais life in Russia to stay ahead of presentations and totally pay heed to actions issued by local government.

For the time being, the ambassador has certainly received information about Thais being affected by the event.

In case of emergency, Thais is contact the official via the emergency phone number 7 916 9392155, it said.