Phuket court responds to surge in tourist-related cases

Phuket court responds to surge in tourist-related cases

Phuket court responds to surge in tourist-related cases
Tourists flock to Phuket, a popular destination for tourists from Russia and Europe who visit the beach area to enjoy the warm weather. ( File photo: Achadthaya Chuenniran )

Following a new increase in dispute involving visitors, the Phuket Provincial Court may restart its holiday part to assist residents of the state in settling court disputes.

Acting chief justice of the Phuket Provincial Court, Kriangsak Rodpunshoo, just presided over a conference about reopening the area.

He claimed that Phuket’s high range of Thai and international tourists has resulted in a rise in both criminal and civil cases involving tourists.

According to Mr. Kriangsak, the increase in cases has an impact on visitors ‘ confidence in their personal health and the potential risks to their property. It also has a negative impact on tourism overall.

According to him,” Proceedings in the tourist case area will help ensure justice for tourists when a criminal or civil dispute arises, or a debate with a state firm, arises so they can get legal protection.”” This will create tourists ‘ confidence and make a good image of Phuket province and tourism in Thailand as a whole.

The section first opened on Sept 24, 2017, but its operations ceased due to the Covid- 19 pandemic. Some of its functions include assisting tourists in filing complaints in consumer protection cases, arranging negotiations, tracking down witnesses who are also tourists, and issuing subpoenas to sued entrepreneurs.

The development comes in response to a recent incident in Phuket where two New Zealand tourists were given a one-year ban from visiting the country again after attacking a traffic police officer on March 16. They were charged with robbery, obstructing an officer while on duty, attacking an officer of the law, driving without a licence, and bribery.