Pattaya pub guards admit bashing customers

Pattaya pub guards admit bashing customers

Debate over brother’s unpaid expenses

Pattaya pub guards admit bashing customers
Security soldiers and customers battle at the Helicopter restaurant in Pattaya’s Soi 6 on Sunday. ( Screenshot from a video posted to the Facebook page for Nui Voice AnyWay )

In a heated argument over paying a friend’s costs at a club on Sunday night, authorities arrested three security guards for assaulting two international customers.

The three soldiers were identified by authorities as Ball, 27, Tom, 36, and Frost, 24. After reportedly seriously injuring two foreigners at the Helicopter restaurant on Soi 6 around 5pm, they were detained at the Pattaya authorities place. &nbsp,

According to authorities, the three gentlemen gave their confessions to the crime. Mr. Ball claimed a foreign client punched and shoved him first. His nose was broken and he needed six needles, he said. He apologised, saying he and his associates had lost power and overreacted.

Spectators used cellular phones to record the battle, which was captured on camera. A security guard was attacked second, according to video evidence. The three soldiers fought again fiercely, regularly bashing the guests and leaving one of them comatose. &nbsp,

Samorn, a 38- year- ancient cashier at the table said the travellers arrived in a group of three. Two of them made their payments, but the other had continued to move from desk to desk and had left without paying his expenses.

When the cashier told the two visitors to pay their lost friend’s bill, the two were irritated. According to Ms. Samorn, who claimed she called in the security troops who guard the road, they initially refused to pay and seized the cellular phones of other consumers to stop them from recording the debate.

The two guests paid the remarkable expenses, 2, 800 baht. Finally, one of them shoved a security guard out of the way, which caused a fight to break out. The cashier claimed that the guards would have caused her harm if they had n’t arrived.

According to the authorities, neither of the visitors have so far lodged a problem. &nbsp,