Pattaya barrel-murder suspect indicted in S.Korea

Pattaya barrel-murder suspect indicted in S.Korea

Pattaya barrel-murder suspect indicted in S.Korea
Police waited as divers search for the Korean Roh Eui-jong’s body in the Map Prachan reservoir in Chon Buri’s Bang Lamung district on May 11 while they wait in the rain. ( Photo: Chaiyot Pupattanapong )

One of the three suspects in the death of a friend Asian victim who was discovered dead in a concrete-filled chamber in a reservoir near Pattaya has been indicted by South Korean prosecutors.

The think, in his 20s, was charged with murder and abandoning a North Korean man’s body while he was traveling, according to Yonhap news agency.

The titles of the accused and prey were kept under wraps by South Korean prosecution. Prior to this, Thai authorities had identified the accused as Lee Roun and the sufferer as 34-year-old Roh Eui- il.

Lee Roun was apprehended in Jeongeup capital, about 210 miles south of Seoul, next month after fleeing from Thailand.

In Thailand, he and two alleged accomplices are accused of killing Roh. The victim’s body was placed in a chamber filled with practical before being dumped into the Map Prachan tank in the Bang Lamung district, near Pattaya, in May.

Another think, Lee Young Jin, 27, was captured while in hiding in Phnom Penh and sent up to Thailand. Yonhap claimed that South Korean authorities and Thai police were discussing sending him to Seoul so that he could face charges it. &nbsp,

The second alleged criminal, Kim Hyeonng Won, remains at large. Thai police believe he entered Myanmar from the borders.

” In search of cash and valuables, the defendants approached, murdered him]the target ] and abandoned his brain in a foreign land beyond South Korea’s jurisdiction”, the North Korean media firm quoted a counsel as saying. &nbsp, &nbsp,