Pakistan court finds ex-PM Imran Khan’s marriage illegal; third conviction in a week

Pakistan court finds ex-PM Imran Khan's marriage illegal; third conviction in a week

The most recent judgment is based on an Islamic law known as “iddat,” which states that a married or divorced woman had wait three weeks before remarrying in order to be certain of her father’s identity during pregnancy.

The relationship of former prime minister Imran Khan and Busra Bibi was deemed illegal by a jury and sentenced to seven years in prison each, according to his Pakistan Tehreek- e-Insaf ( Party ) gathering.

This dishonorable situation defies logic. Gohar Ali Khan, Khan’s attorney, added that the judgment and prison terms may be contested in court and that all of this was being done for political reasons.

While Bibi surrendered this week and is being held at her home, which has been designated as a” sub- jail,” on the outskirts of the capital Islamabad, Khan has spent months in custody in Rawalpindi.

Lawyer Sabahat Rizvi, who was not involved in the case, told AFP on Saturday that the accusations of corruption and now these people are an attempt to cast social doubt on his personality.

” They are pursuing him because they were unable to lessen his aura.”


Khan won the military’s support when he first took office in 2018, but after losing their support and mounting a rebellion battle against them, Khan has been sidelined.

The PTI has been significantly crippled prior to the vote, with numerous leaders imprisoned, supporters forbidden from holding rallies, and the party devoid of its relic cricket bat image.

The Nation reported on Saturday that the pair insisted they had waited the appropriate amount of time before getting married, despite the fact that several journalists have had access to the court.

Khawar Maneka, Bibi’s ex-husband, filed a complaint against the union in November of last year.

According to The Nation news, Bibi said in a statement made on Friday at an Adiala prison special court program that Khan is being held in that the marriage contract presented by Khawar Maneka is” a fabricated document.”

It cited Bibi’s speech as saying,” Khawar Maneka gave me a quad divorce in April 2017.”

” On January 1, 2018, Imran Khan and I solemnized our wedding.”

According to the news, the pair questioned why Maneka had waited so long to file his complaint, claiming that he had only brought it up last year while being held in connection with a bone situation.

During his cricket-playing master years, Oxford-educated Khan developed a reputation for being an amusing playboy and was often pictured with models and society beauties.

His second union with Jemima Goldsmith, the philanthropist daughter of a European man, resulted in marriage.

After their divorce within a month, he later wed broadcast journalist Reham Nayyar, who wrote and published an autobiography.

His fourth wife, Bibi, rarely makes an appearance in public and, when she does, she covers her face with a dress.