Opposition asks “salesman PM” if he”s closed a sale

Opposition asks "salesman PM" if he"s closed a sale

Opposition asks 'salesman PM' if he's closed a sale
Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin replies to criticism criticism during the public debate on the president’s efficiency, in the House of Representatives on Wednesday. ( Photo: Chanat Katanyu )

A important opposition MP asked Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin if he had made himself the nation’s number one seller on Wednesday and if he had closed any sales during the two-day public debate.

Democrat MP Jurin Laksanawisit stated that the government was only seven weeks into its four-year term of office, but he did not see any tangible accomplishments.

” This is because this state uses advertising- driven administration. Pictures are made, but behind the pictures all sectors generally agree that there is no practical achievement”, he said.

” Daily there are events, in the morning, later night, at noon, in the evening and late at night. Thais are choked with situations”, the Democrat MP said.

Mr. Jurin referred to the past six months of the premier minister visiting 14 nations and Hong Kong. Over 180 time, the prime minister was overseas for 52 weeks, he said.

” The prime minister has tried to play a seller’s position. That’s great. I have no issue. However, the key is whether the prime minister, as the country’s seller, has closed a deal, the former legislator said.

Mr Jurin, &nbsp, a former business secretary, also asked about the government’s new news that the prime minister’s roadshows in 14 countries over the past six weeks would bring international investment worthwhile 558 billion ringgit over the next generation.

The opposition MP questioned whether the anticipated investment would ever occur.

Mr Jurin also questioned the government’s recent announcement that a major electronic dance music festival, Tomorrowland, &nbsp, would be brought here. He claimed that the event’s organizers later politely rejected the announcement.

” Thais prefer real deals over marketing. What has not been finalised should not be publicised”, he said.

Srettha, the prime minister, claimed that the government had spent the past six months tackling issues like farm debt, energy prices, and illegal drugs.

The prime minister said his government was increasing people’s incomes through many measures, &nbsp, including the visa- free scheme with China.

In addition, the government was seriously attempting to reduce smog, and it was obvious the number of hotspots was declining substantially, he said.

Mr Srettha defended his frequent trips overseas. He claimed that almost half of them were necessary because they concerned the nation’s membership in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

In terms of the other trips, he was required to introduce himself as the new prime minister of the nation.

He claimed that the government was progressing well in its free trade negotiations with other nations as a result of some of the travels.

Democrat MP Jurin Laksanawisit speaks during the opening debate. ( Photo: Chanat Katanyu )