Open-concept HDB White Flats offer more ‘free play’ but resale values could be affected, designers say

Open-concept HDB White Flats offer more 'free play' but resale values could be affected, designers say

Around 20 % of his customers request that a roof be hacked or removed, according to Mr. Ryan Ho, a director of the interior design firm Dots ‘n’ Tots.

Many of them desire a larger living space, but a lawyer’s requirements change based on the stage of their lives, he said.

It is a wise move to provide an empty canvas for owners to adjust and use with little wastage, according to Prof. Tai, who is also sheriff leader- designate of SUTD.

” What we’ve noticed now is that people frequently complain about the unused space in their BTO design. We really ca n’t do anything about it”, said Ms Yeap Wei Ting, a senior interior designer at 9 Creation.

” In a way, it’s kind of upsetting for the users… and to us developers, because we feel like we don’t achieve our whole potential in those patterns”.

She claimed that having an open-concept format would be more enjoyable because developers could experiment, experiment, and perhaps discover new materials in Singapore.

” With the infrastructure cleaned up, without the shafts and the rows, there’s a lot more free enjoy actually”, said Mr Justin Mok, inc- chairman of Bud Studio.

These structural concerns frequently need to be taken into account before visual considerations are made, he continued.

If the flat’s format is not fixed, furniture can also be made more flexible. &nbsp,

Some individuals may focus their homes on social gatherings rather than giving them such a priority, he said.

They can create a kitchen board that is unusually long, or even 3 meters. That may make a wonderful centerpiece for a house.


Fresh home owners who may like squattering up space in their homes with furnishing concepts, are likely to enjoy the White Flats.

Some younger users may require a versatile space to accommodate their hobbies, according to Ms. Yeap.

” We need the space to put, for instance, a music or tools, or gaming computers and all that”, she said. &nbsp,

She added, however, that some of her older, retired consumers even desire flexibility with how their apartments are organized.

” They worry about breaking into things and all that because of their old time.” They want to de-stress… without having to worry about tripping on something”.

Hacking down a flat’s partition walls can be expensive, and it is primarily just affordable or financially stable for the time being.

If the White Flat design becomes more widely available, it could create a blank stone more visible, said Mr Mok of Bud Studio.

” It opens up the option to people who could n’t afford it previously”, he said. &nbsp,


Some people advised Ms. Nad and her husband to avoid making such major changes to the design of their new home because they might have an impact on the value of their new home.

When the least occupancy period has passed, the couple intends to sell the apartment. &nbsp,

” It takes a pretty distinct statistical to be interested in this layout”, she said, referring to double- earnings- no- kids couples.

” But more and more people are choosing to be childless these days, but I hope in five decades we can get a couple who appreciates this. Nevertheless, we might have to reinstate the rooms when we sell”, she continued. &nbsp,

Mr. Ho of Dots ‘ ‘ Tits said the costs for people who later decide to add a new place to their home could be as high as S$ 10,000.

” They need to ( pay for ) costs of a partition wall in order to create a room ( and ) new door and doorframe costs”, he said. Additionally, lighting and air conditioning do cost more. &nbsp,

Adding a chamber costs more than removing one, he added.

They “must plan and consider their plans when doing the first renovation ( for an open-concept layout ).” They need to schedule more freedom for the future”, he said.