Online firearms seller closed after 6 years

Online firearms seller closed after 6 years

Police acquire weapons and weapons from Facebook site administrator Samut Prakan’s home.

Online firearms seller closed after 6 years
The Instagram site administrator’s home was where some of the seized weapons and ammunition were discovered. ( Photo: Bureau of Cyber Crime Investigation )

SAMUT PRAKAN- According to authorities, a Twitter page that had been involved in the illegal sale of firearms for more than six years has been shut down following an investigation into cybercrimes.

Cybercriminals researchers found a Instagram page with the name” Loong Kamnan Loong kamnans,” or village chief, which they claim had been operating in violation of the Firearms Act since 2018. This website was part of an effort by the police to end the trade in illegal weapons through social media.

The superintendent had made several shipments last year, according to further investigation.

A home in Samut Prakan’s Bang Phli region was searched on Friday by officers carrying a permit. They found the Twitter website administrator, who went by the name of Jaray, along with his parents and a collection of weapons and ammunition, including BB cannons, bullets, and other hardware.

Along with products and four banks accounts passbooks used for the illegal business, the search even turned up accessories like magazines and scopes.

According to the officers, Mr. Jaray admitted to running the website and was currently being held on suspicion of selling weapons without a license, using illegal firearms, and possessing weapons.

On Saturday, police display a warrant to search Jaray’s home in the Samut Prakan neighborhood of Bang Phli, where he manages the Instagram page that sells weapon. ( Photo: Bureau of Cyber Crime Investigation )