Oil slicks reported off Tuas Port, authorities say port operations ‘not significantly’ impacted

Oil slicks reported off Tuas Port, authorities say port operations 'not significantly' impacted

Authorities in Singapore are looking into reports of frequent oil slicks in Tuas Port waters, with original findings implying that the supply was inland.

There is now no proof linking the crude waste to just one source. The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore ( MPA ) stated on Monday ( Mar 25 ) that the oil slicks have not had a significant impact on port operations or navigation.

According to MPA, the results from lab tests by the port operator PSA on oil samples demonstrated that the cause is likely to have been farther inland.

The National Environment Agency ( NEA ) is conducting additional investigations to discover potential upstream sources of the oil pollution, which may have been contaminated by the drain networks to the sea.

In the meantime, &nbsp, JTC Corporation, which oversees Singapore’s business system, has installed fuel booms and CCTV cameras along an open shoreline part of a crucial drainage to check oil gathered at the booms.

According to MPA, night guard along Tuas South Ave. 16 and Tuas South Way has been put in place to increase the area’s security. &nbsp,

The organization further stated that normal patrols will be put in place to monitor the waters off Tuas Port, with oil flow answer craft set up to become activated on short notice.

According to MPA,” NEA has also issued advice and reminders to different establishments in the Tuas Port area regarding the appropriate administration of waste oil.”