North Korea building roads, walls inside Demilitarized Zone: Report

The North Vietnamese government responded to questions about the statement by saying it was” closely monitoring and monitoring the actions of the North Korean defense” and that “further analysis is required.”

Without providing more details, it claimed it could not disclose the North Korean response to these activities” to ensure the security of the personnel proceeding with an operation.”

This year, South Korea’s detective agency reported to AFP that it had found indications that North Korea was destroying sections of a railroad link.

That was the start of the advertising conflict between the two Koreas.

North Korea reportedly sent more than a thousand balloons filled with garbage into the South as retribution for the advertising balloons the anti-Pyongyang activists had sent the other manner.

Therefore, South Korea resumed using headphones installed at the border to blast K-pop music and news channels at the North.

Kim Yo Jong, the strong sister of Northern Korean leader Kim Jong Un, threatened an unnamed “new failsafe” as a result of the resumed speaker plan.

North Korea has a strict control over the flow of information within its borders, and it is particularly sensitive about how people gain access to South Korean articles, particularly popular lifestyle.

It has recently threatened artillery attacks on North Korean monitors, a policy that dates back to the Korean War between 1950 and 1953.