No ‘malicious intent’ from incident where Malaysia-registered helicopter entered Singapore airspace: Ng Eng Hen

According to Dr. Ng, the aircraft left Johor’s Senai Airport and headed for Pengerang. The aircraft entered Singapore’s geographical airspace unannounced after passing through the Changi Control Zone while in flight.

Singapore Air Traffic Control did not receive any journey plans, he continued.

Two RSAF F-16 combatants were scrambled as the aircraft entered Singapore’s regional airport at 12.37 p.m. uninvited, in accordance with our standard operating procedures for unidentified aircraft that could pose a threat, according to Dr. Ng.

The helicopter pilot was told to run eastward outside of Singapore’s regional aircraft and to stay clear of its territory.

The RSAF F-16s were grounded at 2.05 p.m. after the plane left Singapore’s regional airspace at 1.03 pm, the minister continued.

The airport around Changi Airport had to be shut down in response to the unauthorized entry, even though there was” no immediate effect” on the health of civilian air traffic while the plane was in the Control Zone.

As a result, according to Dr. Ng, 36 airlines arriving at Changi Airport and eight airlines leaving the airport were delayed.