New visa promotions, retiree insurance reduced

New visa promotions, retiree insurance reduced

Digital nomad, boxers, learner chefs may acquire 5- year visas

New visa promotions, retiree insurance reduced
Customers stand in line at the immigration line at the airport in Suvarnabhumi. ( Photo: Somchai Poomlard )

On Tuesday, the cabinet approved a number of fresh, new visa promotions designed to draw more tourists, including visa-free and visa-on-abroad programs, long student stays, and a reduced requirement for retiree health insurance.

According to government official Chai Wacharonke, the Foreign Ministry recommended the measures to entice as many customers as possible because the country’s economy was heavily reliant on tourism.

He predicted an increase in the number of nations eligible for visa-free passage from 57 to 93. The 36 fresh states were Albania, Cambodia, China, India, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Laos, Mexico, Morocco, Panama, Romania, Sri Lanka and Uzbekistan.

According to the government official, customers ‘ stays under this program were likewise extended to 60 days.

The cabinet even approved immigration- on- arrival for 31 countries, upward from 19 countries formerly.

Visitors who want to work and travel to tourist destinations will be able to obtain five-year visas that are appropriate for stays up to 180 days and foldable for 180 more. They were originally entitled to only&nbsp, two remains of 30 times each, the federal official said.

” This determine targets digital nomad, remote workers and consultants… as well as those who want to learn Thai Thai and Thai food. They you both learn and travel spots”, Mr Chai said.

Instead of having to leave the country right away after their graduation, foreign students could be for a year.

” They may find job during the extended time, especially in the areas that we need”, the official said. There were about 40, 000 for international students in the country, he said.

The above- mentioned methods will get influence on Saturday, June 1.

– Retirement-

Visitors who are 50 years of age or older who want long-stay visas are now required to have a 3 million baht health insurance coverage.

Under the cabinet’s resolution on Tuesday, each long- be visa applicant in this age group is required to include health cover of just 440, 000 baht- 400, 000 baht for intensive treatment and 40, 000 baht for outpatient cover.

This is powerful for huge- remain candidates from September to December, Mr Chai said.

The government even approved the development of e- card software services at Thai consulates and embassies from 47 to 94 locations, commencing in September, the spokesman said.