New vape crackdown looms to protect kids

New vape crackdown looms to protect kids

Problem ‘ ignored for to long’, says Anutin

New vape crackdown looms to protect kids
In a rally to protest cigar smoking at the Police General Hospital to honor World No. Tobacco Day on Friday, nurses at the stop-smiking office hold a rally to support the smoking ban. ( Photo: Somchai Poomlard )

Regulators will take immediate action to stop the use of electronic cigarettes because they are extremely preying on children and putting their health at risk.

” We have spent too much time ignoring the problem.” Interior Minister Anutin Charnvirakul said on Friday at a gathering to mark World No Tobacco Day that the government had start addressing the issue right away.

Mr Anutin, a non- smoking, said electronic- cigarettes have been spreading quickly among younger people, with the number of attached minors showing an alarming improve.

Like their conventional counterparts, electronic- cigarettes contain dangerous chemicals that may contribute to diseases like cancer, myocardial constriction and emphysema, he said.

The minister claimed he had ordered state authorities to file legal actions against vendors in response to numerous complaints from families.

Ramathibodi Hospital issued a declaration against all forms of tobacco on the same day and called on the authorities to better enforce the laws that prohibit the importation and distribution of electronic cigarettes.

The doctor also revealed its most recent four-year research on children who regularly use e-cigarettes or vapes. It found they were at higher risk of developing bronchial- related diseases: 1.8 times for pneumonia, 2.1 times for asthma, and 1.8 times in the case of public breathing difficulties.

The Dental Association and the Thai Health Promotion Foundation ( ThaiHealth ) launched a campaign earlier on Thursday to warn young vapers against using them.

E-cigarettes may appear appealing because they do n’t emit smoke, have pleasant smells, and are simple to carry around, according to Dr. Pongthep Wongwatcharapaiboon.

However, Dr. Pongthep claimed that this is all part of a strategy that smoking plays on people’s minds, despite the fact that some people use e-cigarettes to relieve stress.

” As nicotine stimulates the release of serotonin, the substance of joy, smoking may look fine at first, but it is a false delight.

He said,” It causes a taste of delight without doing anything important and can ultimately lead to addiction and depression.”

According to some vaping, the sensation of stress relief or slight euphoria just lasts 2- 3 moments, he said.

Dr. Pongthep also refuted the theory that normal cigarettes can help people stop smoking, arguing that typical cigarettes have more nicotine in them than their more common counterparts.

” With easier admittance anywhere and at any moment, they are even more dangerous, “he warned.

Dr Adirek Sriwatthanawongsathit, chairman of the Dental Association of Thailand, added that e- tobacco even raise the risk of gum disease, which can result in bone damage.

He had a message for families:” Kids are the ones who support their children with solutions and opportunities to utilize e- cigarettes, which is very concerning. They may believe they are making them happy, but they are actually giving them poison.

The National Health Security Office ( NHSO ) secretary-general Jadet Thammathataree stated that the NHSO provides a free consultation service through its 1600 hotline to those who want to break the habit.

He said the service can help 32 % of people quit smoking, compared to 3 % without the consultation.

According to a survey by the Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry of Education and the World Health Organization, the rate of e- cigarette use among adolescents aged 13- 15 years rose by 8.1 % in 2021, compared with a 3.3 % increase in 2015.