New not-for-profit hospital model can increase options for lower-cost private healthcare

New not-for-profit hospital model can increase options for lower-cost private healthcare


Hospitals may operate as not-for-profit organizations, according to Mr. Ong, as it is “more in line” with the corporations ‘ public health mission and facilitates their access to charitable resources.  

In terms of maintenance quality, attention to value-based treatment, talent recruitment, and development, he said, there are no significant fundamental differences between how good for-profit and nonprofit hospitals are run.  

Mr. Ong added that the proposed not-for-profit feature is” not the key feature” and that MOH is consulting the economy to create a new private clinic.

The doctor must serve mainly Singaporeans, he claimed, which is one of its “more significant features.”  

Additionally, there will be better management, resulting in a single care license for the hospital.  

According to Mr. Ong, this means that the clinic operator must have strict control over the medical practices of its doctors.  

To serve people, the different professionals in that doctor, including specialists, surgeons, general physicians, pharmacists and treatment professionals, will need to collaborate tightly as a team.

We do n’t want a high-cost care model, so we intend to impose bill size restrictions on the private hospital for cost-effective care, Mr. Ong said. “”

He continued,” We intend to explain all of these as requirements that prospective hospital operators who are bidding will meet and be assessed on.”  

As a result, Mr. Ong emphasized that the doctor operator will not be determined solely by the property price.  

In Singapore’s medical panorama, he said, creating a new personal hospital model with these functions gives patients more options.  

” Today, we have public care that is heavily funded by the government and that we are working to make as accessible to Singaporeans as we can.”

However, there is a wait period for subsidized treatment, which can be quite long for electives who are not urgent. “”