New cannabis bill ready for cabinet

New cannabis bill ready for cabinet

According to the health minister, new regulations may make it abundantly clear what is prohibited for outdoor use.

New cannabis bill ready for cabinet
On Saturday, a large crowd descended upon Bangkok’s Rajamangala National Stadium for the Coldplay concert, where some griped about the overpowering odor of marijuana smoking. ( Image: Wichan Charoenkiatpakul )

Public Health Minister Cholnan Srikaew announced on Tuesday that a revised version of the cannabis and cannabis control costs will be put forth at the government appointment the following month.

The secretary clarified that any use of cannabis for recreational objectives will not be permitted, but the revised costs still emphasizes that cannabis should only be used for medical care.

Since hemp was taken off the list of controlled cocaine in 2022, thousands of businesses have popped up, but the government has yet to say what will happen to them.

The Bhumjaithai Party, which is a part of the current coalition government, previously supported the liberalization of cannabis, but while the previous administration was in power, its costs to control the flower fell through.

According to Dr. Cholnan, the updated legislation may specify which cannabis plant parts can be used, consumed, and in what amounts are permissible for hands.

Due to their tetrahydrocannabinol ( THC ) content, the stem, roots, leaves, and buds of the cannabis plant would be classified as a narcotic under the new bill.

The bill may make it very clear how to use cannabis for medical treatment, according to the minister, who previously stated that smoking it would probably require a doctor’s permission.

He pointed out that the act was different from Bhumjaithai’s variant, which only sought to restrict how much could be consumed by a single person.

The secretary insisted, however, that the update does not mean the government is now opposed to the cannabis plant’s use for medicine, claiming the bill “reflects a unique approach” on the matter.

According to him, the new legislation was created to safeguard people from thc abuse that has occurred since the plant’s two-year removal from the Narcotic Drug List.

Dr. Cholnan’s remarks came in response to many complaints from concertgoers regarding cannabis use over the weekend at the Coldplay musical at Rajamangala National Stadium.

Some customers claimed that the overpowering cannabis smoke smell had an impact on their experience.

Despite sitting on the next level of the venue, professional Phanuwat” Copter” Kerdtongtawee claimed to be able to smell the smoke on his X account on Monday.

” Sai keao]cannabis smoking are now traveling to Thailand. In the post, which received 800,000 views, he said,” I want to say that not everyone enjoys the smell, including me.

Along with the accounts of Dr. Cholnan and Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin, Phanuwat added a second article urging the government to take immediate action to restrict the plant’s outdoor use.

According to Dr. Cholnan, using cannabis at music is forbidden, just as smoking is prohibited in public places. He claimed that the issue was that there were already no rules that could be used to punish concertgoers who smoke marijuana.

According to the new legislation, all cannabis crops may need a permit from the government and use cutting-edge farming techniques to guarantee that the plants are of the highest quality. As promoted by Bhumjaithai, plants at home are never likely to survive.

However, a lot of clinics that sell cannabis products for both medical and recreational purposes are anxiously awaiting future information.

There are reportedly more than 7,000 hemp stores in the country. They sell anything from cannabis buds to oil components with less than 0.2 % of the psychoactive drug tetrahydrocannabinol, which makes people feel “high.”