Nakhon Pathom polling station to hold revote

Nakhon Pathom polling station to hold revote

The Election Commission (EC) has ordered a revote at a polling station in Nakhon Pathom’s Muang district tomorrow after heavy rain and strong winds disrupted voting last Sunday.

EC chairman Ittiporn Boonpracong issued the order calling for the revote at polling station 10 in Constituency 1, urging eligible voters who cast their ballots at this station to exercise their right once more tomorrow.

The poll rerun will take place in the compound of the Bang Khaem tambon administrative organisation in Muang district from 8am to 5pm. On May 14, polling officials decided to suspend voting at the polling station after an afternoon rainstorm battered the compound and damaged the polling booths.

Meanwhile, the EC said all the election results from the constituency system nationwide are complete, pending the revote in Nakhon Pathom’s Constituency 1.

The office is reexamining the election results submitted by the provincial election committees and will update the results on

Under the EC’s regulations, provincial election directors are required to publish the result of the vote count for the constituency and party-list system within five days of close of voting.

Meanwhile, voter turnout in Chachoengsao was almost 83%, making it among the top five provinces with the highest turnout, said provincial election director Thanakrit Nakcharupong.

A total of 477,004 out of 575,796 eligible voters cast ballots in the general election last Sunday, or 82.84%, up from the 79.07% turnout registered in the 2019 general election. Of all the ballots cast, 20,871, or 4.38%, were spoiled ballots, and 5,500 ballots, or 1.15%, were cast for no candidates.

According to Mr Thanakrit, a small commotion took place during a vote count when a media outlet reported that ballots from overseas voters who are in Constituency 3 had not been delivered for a count and were marked as spoiled ballots.

He said the report was inaccurate and insisted that the ballots, which were delivered on May 12 and May 13, were counted along with the others after the close of voting.

The other provinces with the highest turnout were Lamphun (86.12%), Phatthalung (84.46%), Phitsanulok (83.66%), and Nakhon Pathom (83.44%).

Nakhon Nayok (82.69%) was the sixth highest, according to the EC.