Myanmar’s military-ruled capital attacked by drones

Myanmar's military-ruled capital attacked by drones
A street in Nay Pyi TawGetty Images

The opposition in Myanmar claims that it authorized a large-scale drone attack on the government’s struggling government in the country’s Nay Pyi Taw capital.

The National Unity Government ( NUG) said 29 drones armed with explosives targeted the airport, air force base and military headquarters.

One drone exploded on the tarmac at the airport, according to the defense, which has been reported to BBC Burmese.

The NUG represents the coup-de-crying state that was elected.

Since it took control of the military in 2021, the rebel-backed movement has been fighting.

According to the UN, the resulting civil war has resulted in the deaths of tens and the displacement of around 2.6 million individuals.

However, it has recently experienced extremely effective opposition to its law and has lost significant areas of the nation to armed opposition groups.

The exiled National Unity Government ( NUG) claimed that” the synchronized drone operations were simultaneously carried out against Nay Pyi Taw, striking both the military headquarters and Alar air base.”

Mg Mg Swe, the NUG’s assistant director, disclosed to BBC Burmese that the operation had been planned and planned in collaboration with various defense organizations.


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