‘My MP became PM’: Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC residents rejoice as PM Lawrence Wong joins them after Istana ceremony

‘My MP became PM’: Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC residents rejoice as PM Lawrence Wong joins them after Istana ceremony

Bernice Hing, a 21-year-old Republic Polytechnic scholar, was standing at the edge of the room when she mentioned meeting with Mr. Wong nearly six years ago.

Before Mr Wong sat her down and told her to rest, she remembered being worried and panicking at a meet-the-people period, even though she declined to explain why she was there with him as MP.

He consoled me that everything would be alright and told me right away what my choices were ( to the subject I presented to him )” she recalled.

” He was calm and collected, and was willing to help people including me when I was still a girl. That left a lasting impression … if I needed help afterwards, &nbsp, I’ll head to ( Mr Wong’s ) meet- the- people program”.


Like Mr Qayyum, Mr Lim Zhan Yang, 26, even a local leader of Yew Tee Youth Network, &nbsp, which organises group activities, was there to show his support for Mr Wong.

Even though both he and Mr Qayyum&nbsp, job with MP Alex Yam carefully because the show’s actions are organised within Mr Yam’s clinic, their bristles with Mr Wong left a lasting mark on them, they said. &nbsp,

When Mr Lim met Mr Wong during a&nbsp, Budget 2024&nbsp, program, for example, Mr Lim said that the fund leader’s thoughts had struck a string with him.

” For Gen Zers like me, being accurate, truthful and ready to have a talk is what we want for a Prime Minister, and that is who Mr Lawrence Wong is”, he said.

” I hope in the future, he’ll continue engaging us and talk about topics ( that we ) youth care about like climate change, LGBTQ ( Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and others ) and more”.

Mr. Wong was pleased with the lineup of performing artists that included song Benjamin Kheng when the people held a music event for the GRC next year. For Mr Qayyum, the new Prime Minister is people” chill”.

When Mr. Wong acknowledged the more sophisticated global landscape, which meant fresh challenges, Mr. Hing made a special impression in his annual speech as prime minister. Yet, she is assured that he would be able to do so.

” If PM Wong remains true to himself and continues to keep Singapore along as promised, I’m certain we’ll be able to try in this more complex global environment”, she added.

Many people attending the watch gathering held&nbsp, similar&nbsp, opinions as Ms Hing as they recounted previous contacts with their MP.

For 75-year-old resident Chow Wui Nian, Mr. Wong’s league has rekindled his idea that Singapore will continue to be a place where his family and children can live comfortably.

” This is ( the young people’s ) Prime Minister, he is our future. I’m here to witness story unfold and wish that he’ll continue to improve and expand Singapore for our next era,” he said in Mandarin.

This content was originally published in&nbsp, Now.