Multiple arms robberies in Thailand”s deep South

Multiple arms robberies in Thailand's deep South
In Thailand’s much north, village security participants receive weapons training in 2009. ( File photo )

On Tuesday evening, armed groups of armed men in the YALA region robbed community leaders and security personnel of seven guns in various districts of the southern border province.

About 10 armed men, all dressed like men and with eyes covered, robbed defense volunteers at their place in Ban Krong Pinang in the Krong Pinang area at 8:30 p.m. A gun and two guns were used in the group’s escape.

Seven also dressed armed people showed up at a security hall in Ban Kue Tay community in Yaha area at 9.30pm. They took two firearms, a 9mm handgun and a communications television.

17 armed militia rangers, dressed as military rangers, stormed the home of the Muang district’s Ban Nam Yen village headman at 10:30 p.m. to retrieve a shotgun.

In Ban Mor village in the Muang area, ten armed people who appeared to be armed guards attempted to kill defense participants about 15 minutes afterward, but protection volunteers were successful in defending themselves in an exchange of gunfire.

According to safety sources, the robberies may be in response to recent raids and the arrest of numerous security suspects by authorities. According to the options, the robbers allegedly had no intention of killing anyone and just wanted to steal weapons.