Mother of girl who was killed, burnt and left in pot for years pleads guilty to abusing her children

Mother of girl who was killed, burnt and left in pot for years pleads guilty to abusing her children

SINGAPORE: On Wednesday ( Feb.7 ), the mother of a two-year-old girl who was killed by her father and whose body was burned in the pot andnbsp pleaded guilty to charges of mistreating her children and distorting the course of justice.

This entails slapping them, hitting them with a belt and strap, and feeding her elder son and the now-deceased child chilli padi as punishment.

She is accused of deliberately leaving out the woman who was killed and lying to a Child Protection Service agent that she had six babies when she actually had seven.

The 35-year-old person even mistreated her kids by abandoning them in the apartment without adequate food, water, or adult control.

Five times when event employees went to the apartment, they discovered the kids unattended, with the oldest son, who was 10 at the time, missing school and taking care of his younger siblings.

They occasionally went without food and liquid and were hungry and thirsty.

According to gag orders defending her surviving children, the offender never been identified. She has been on remand since September 2019 and was immediately accused of murdering her husband, but the accusation was later dropped.

Her father received a 21-and-a-half-year prison sentence and 18 wood stroke for killing his daughter in September. The judge stressed that the defendant’s first title Umaisyah needed to be published so that people could remember her by it during the High Court hearing, half lifting the gag order.


Umaisyah was placed in foster care between the ages of three and four times before being returned to her relatives nearly two years after. Her parents had numerous kids from various marriages.

Up until March 2014, when her drug-using parents violently slapped her and caused a traumatic brain injury that resulted in concussive mental seizures, she was being abused by her relatives.

She was unable to be saved despite her father’s best efforts to revive her. The families ultimately decided against taking her to the doctor or calling for assistance because they were worried about being arrested.

They burned Umaisyah’s figure in a metal pot, put the bowl in the cardboard box, and covered it with cling wrap&nbsp before stowing it under the kitchen stove in their apartment to conceal their tracks.

The dish remained there for more than five times as Umaisyah’s parents gave officers a variety of justifications and lies to avoid being found out about her passing.

Umaisyah’s uncle kept attempting to open the pot because he was wondering about it at different points. When Umaisyah’s mom was incarcerated, he finally did so.

He showed his daughter’s friends what was in the pot, and they reported it to the police.

Authorities found the boy’s body, which was reduced to charred remains, smaller bones, and a soft tooth after being burned beyond recognition.