‘More work, more stress, less privacy’: PM Wong on his first month in office


According to Mr. Wong, there are already numerous systems where the government can interact with its citizens.

” Of course, I do it on social media. I’ve said I will be engaging the internet more often. We will also be able to communicate with Singaporeans or at least handle their concerns directly through the press, he said.

He continued, adding that state programs and organizations also give him and his Cabinet ministries a new way to communicate with Singaporeans.

” I think we are now using more channels to participate than ever before, and programs to engage whether it’s just to listen and get feedback or not, but more and more frequently to collaborate and work together,” said Mr. Wong.

” And I certainly believe that these systems for stronger alliances are crucial because it is the only way for us to advance Singapore,” he said.

Despite existing systems, Mr. Wong said it is also important for him to be current and spend time on the ground, not just in Marsiling- Pine Tee GRC, but throughout the nation.

You have suggestions for improving your neighborhood’s plans and neighborhoods, and I want to hear them immediately. I would like to hear from you if you have any ground-breaking efforts or tasks to take forward,” he said.

” We want to help you, cooperate, collaborate and work up”.


Following his Saturday visit to the event, Mr. Wong revealed to reporters that he was going to have a speech with a group of Tampines ‘ community leaders, group volunteers, and members of various organizations.

On the plan would be a full range of issues, some linked to communities, parents and children, and others including pursuits such as natural problems.

” Those kinds of engagements did I expect to have across the various constituencies,” he said. We try as much as possible for it to be organic”, he said.

” I may go to a market, I may go to a hawker center, I may join with diverse groups, I may use existing events that are already being held in the district, such as this Tampines learning festival,” I said.

Although the plan for the constituency visits is still being determined, he claimed, the customized dialogue sessions will allow for deeper discussions.

On Saturday, Masagos Zulkifli, the minister for cultural and family development, Desmond Choo, the mayor of the North East district, and Baey Yam Keng, the older parliamentary director for sustainability and the environment, and Mr. Wong joined them.

Charlene Chen, a second-advisor to Tampines GRC community organizations, was also present.

Before becoming election candidates, Mr. Choo and Nee Quickly GRC MP Carrie Tan served as next advisers to local organizations.