Missing Chinese woman found at a shopping mall

Missing Chinese woman found at a shopping mall

Missing Chinese woman found at a shopping mall
Lu Xinlei ( photo supplied )

A 27-year-old Chinese girl who was allegedly kidnapped for a 25-million-baht ransom was ultimately discovered at a shopping plaza in Bang Na area on Saturday night.

According to press reports, authorities found Lu Xinlei at HomePro Bangna. She was taken to the Phra Khanong police place where she met her mother and older girl, who had just come from China, after being informed of the information of the suspected violence.

A call-scam crew claiming to get Chinese authorities informed the Chinese woman that she had broken the anti-money-laundering law.

She was told to send them 17 million yen for an examination, have them keep for Thailand or Singapore, and never communicate with her kids in Shanghai.

The Chinese lady arrived in Thailand last week on Wednesday. She was required to frequently switch out of her SIM cards and relocate to various resorts.

A person called her relatives in China on Friday last week to tell them that she had been abducted and that they may pay a ransom of 5 million yuan or roughly 25 million baht for their daughter’s flexibility. Later on Friday, a Chinese-language speaker forwarded the kids ‘ complaint to the police.

Police believed that Ms. Lu and her parents were victims of a call-scam group that had fabricated their identities using chat apps.