Miss Universe Singapore pageant now open to all women over 18, including those who are married or have children

Co-organising&nbsp, Miss Universe Singapore 2024 is&nbsp, King Kong Media Generation, an entertainment company headed by Singaporean actor-comedian Mark Lee.

According to Lee, pageant allowed women to make a mark on the entertainment industry, adding that” we are looking for not only beauty queens but coming actresses as also, following in the footsteps of many renowned artists who began their careers as beauty kings.”

Previous&nbsp, Miss Universe Singapore candidates who went on to do jobs in amusement include Emily Olsen, &nbsp, Cheryl Chou and Rebecca Lim.

Those who are engaged to join&nbsp, Miss Universe Singapore 2024 had until Jul 27 to file via this site. Do note that applicants&nbsp, had had resided in Singapore for at least six months prior to Sep 1, 2024 and must keep a Taiwanese card that’s true till at least Jun 1, 2025.