Military wants B300m redevelopment of northern Thai oilfield

Military wants B300m redevelopment of northern Thai oilfield
The Fang oilfield in Thailand’s Chiang Mai province ( Photo: Northern Petroleum Development Centre )

Fang oilfield in Chiang Mai, the oldest oilfield in Thailand, is to be redeveloped at a cost of 300 million baht, according to the Defence Energy Department’s Northern Petroleum Development Centre ( NPDC ).

According to Maj Gen Montri jeennakorn, the chairman of the NPDC, the oil plant was expected to get upgraded to Euro5 and capable of producing lower-sulphur fuel, confirming that the fuel would never harm automobile machines. &nbsp,

At a rate of 600 barrels per day, which is considered too little a volume for personal market traders to take over the area, the current oil refinery was only pump high-sulphur diesel and gasoline fuel.

Accelerating the pumping approach had, in the current circumstances, lead to a quicker decline of the crude fuel. &nbsp,

But, the director said, the oil would last for another 50 years if the pumping process was managed properly. &nbsp,

The army may benefit from the crude we are producing when there is no entry for oil tankers during a war. We ca n’t say for sure whether the private sector’s oil will be sufficient, or whether it is legal, he said.

The Move Forward Party recently requested that the oil be transferred to the federal despite the fact that oil production is never a military work, while the Ministry of Defense was confident that the field would be properly managed in the future. &nbsp,