Migrant worker fired over ‘loan shark’ harassment faces deportation after being unable to find job

Migrant worker fired over 'loan shark' harassment faces deportation after being unable to find job


Workers Make Possible, a non-governmental organization dedicated to preventing Mr. Sharif from being deported, and the non-governmental organization Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics ( HOME), have made efforts to assist him.

A spokeswoman for the party, Ms Kokila Annamalai, said they have worked with various organizations to appeal to MOM to give him a longer expansion, but it has been rejected.

We will continue to work with him to get a new career in Singapore, or we will see what his immediate and long-term requirements are and how best to help him rebuild it, she said.

Stephanie Chok, the ministry’s executive chairman, reported to the MOM on May 24 that it had appealed to him for a second career in this place, but the government responded on Monday, continuing to hold its ground.

Ms. Chok argued that victims of immigrant laborers should be given a good opportunity and enough time to seek re-employment. &nbsp,

” ( Mr) Sharif’s scenario shows the’ deportability’ of migrant workers, even when they are patients”, she said.

We hope that ( Mr. Sharif wo n’t be blacklisted or face any other administrative challenges in obtaining a successful work pass application because HOME has previously encountered migrant workers who find themselves unable to process their work permits once they return to their country.


The authorities confirmed that officers inquiries into the abuse event have been concluded in a joint statement to TODAY’s queries on Tuesday.

” Intensive investigations were conducted, including thorough interviews and criminal investigations of evidence, to establish the identity and purpose of the reported harasser, who had harassed both Mr. Sharif and his previous and prospective employers as well,” said the government.

The police have exhausted all prospects to discover the alleged harasser and have not found any proof that Mr. Sharif had taken money from unregistered moneylenders.

The authorities discovered that Mr. Sharif’s previous company had paid for his travel and foods.

He was even allowed to seek work under the TJS, said the authorities.

According to the speech,” Mr. Sharif was informed of this and an email was also sent to him to verify his eligibility to work.”

According to the authorities, MOM and the Migrant Workers ‘ Centre contacted him to examine his well-being and connect him with job organizations to assist in his job search.

Mr. Sharif had requested employment offers for non-contractors, but he was able to secure any of them. We also understand that he had rejected those job provides.

According to the government ‘ confirmation of the withdrawal date, Mr. Sharif’s Unique Pass expired on May 24 and was immediately extended to May 27.

” This is aligned with the normal approach taken in such cases”, said the government.

” Mr Sharif therefore requested further time beyond May 27 to make the preparations. Given the circumstances surrounding his situation, the authorities accepted his request for a second expansion of his Particular Complete until May 31, 2024.

This article was initially published in&nbsp, Now.