MFP urged to tactically unite

The law enacting its disintegration also poses a threat to Pheu Thai.

MFP urged to tactically unite
Piyabutr: Wants unification in face of threat

The Progressive Movement ( PM) has urged the opposition Move Forward Party ( MFP ) and the ruling Pheu Thai Party to band together to fight a dissolution law rather than clash with one another.

The two largest parties really find common ground and unite to fight what he said is some unfair policy regarding the breakdown of parties, set by the “old guards,” according to Piyabutr Saengkanokkul, the PM secretary-general, who posted on his Instagram account on Thursday. This is extremely bound on all parties.

He was referring to the Pheu Thai official Danuporn Punakanta and MFP head Chaithawat Tulathon’s political debate this week, during which they exchanged barbs about the federal budget plan.

Mr. Chaithawat criticized the government for being so focused on the region’s future while ignoring the country’s controversial digital wallet system, Pheu Thai’s premier plan that will cost half a trillion ringgit.

The opposition argued that Pheu Thai would go to any lengths to protect the face of its electronic budget program despite the fact that the country was struggling financially.

In response, Mr. Danuporn referred to the Constitutional Court’s proceedings regarding the MFP’s decision to break it because its efforts to change Part 112 of the Criminal Code’s, known as the der majeste law are being interpreted as an attempt to undermine the constitutional monarchy.

That was the real difficulty, he implied.

According to Mr. Piyabutr, a respected attorney, the MFP and Pheu Thai really move past the notion that parties can harm one another within the bounds of the laws because they were written by the “elites” to encircle politicians with their fingers.

According to him, parties of all kinds should unite to protest the laws governing a party’s forced dissolution, as it might also happen to them.

Sonthiya Sawasdee, a former adviser to the House committee on laws, justice, and human rights, filed a complaint against Pheu Thai because it allowed former prime minister and former party leader Thaksin Shinawatra to take control of the organization.

Under the natural laws on parties, which forbids a celebration from being deliberately influenced by him, Thaksin is regarded as an outsider. He is seen as a behind- the- images powermaker however. The petition was rejected, but, last August by the Election Commission because there was no compelling evidence.