Mandai Wildlife Reserve will soon have a resort and Singapore’s fifth wildlife park

Mandai Wildlife Reserve will soon have a resort and Singapore's fifth wildlife park

Mandai Wildlife Reserve may even offer the following family-friendly, interactive activities and places in the future:

  • Exploria
  • Green Canvas
  • Mandai Gallery
  • Curiosity Beach
  • ZooSchool

Exploria makes use of technology to offer interactive education where visitors can interact with various topics in hyper-natural settings.

Green Canvas, on the other hand, is an  celebration space where travelling events, nature-themed life events and talks may be held.

Mandai Gallery, Curiosity Beach and ZooSchool will be housed in one building and will provide multiple nature-based experiences for children.

In a media speech, Mandai Wildlife Group’s Group CEO  At the newly opened Mandai Wildlife Reserve, where we continue to put our good foot forward, we are excited to be able to offer our visitors a variety of nature and wildlife experiences.

Singaporeans and visitors from abroad will enjoy this incorporated destination because it will be a special gateway to some inspiring and polite interactions with nature and animals. ”