Man kept record 69 wild animals illegally in fish farm leased from NParks, gets jail

Man kept record 69 wild animals illegally in fish farm leased from NParks, gets jail

The director of the fish land was contacted by NParks officers to ask Arshad for the combination amount to the gate lock. Arshad, however, asserted that he was out making deliveries and driving and may inform the manager of the combination as soon as it was secure.

Arshad’s vehicle was then parked inside after the NParks officials used a wire blade to reduce the border enclosing the fish farm.

69 live animals were discovered by the officers, including 42 lion geckos, 2 California King snakes, 1 sugar glider, 3 beard dragon, a blue-tongued gecko from Irian Jaya, and South American horned frogs.

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora ( CITES ) also provided protection for certain animals.

The police officers then approached a secured sliding door in the room and repeatedly knocked, but no one answered. When they finally succeeded in opening the door, they discovered Arshad within, curled up on a couch.

Arshad lied when asked why he had n’t opened the door, claiming that the noise was coming from his sleep. Two more creatures were discovered in the room’s containers.

When the NParks soldiers saw a Video system in the space, they asked Arshad to turn the video over. The program, according to Arshad, was spoiled.

The 69 live creatures, the CCTV system, and Arshad’s broken smartphone were all taken into custody by the soldiers.


Arshad had lied about driving when the director of the fish land contacted him, and investigations revealed the extent of his lies. He had now arrived at the location when NParks officials showed up.

He purposefully locked himself inside the space while ignoring the knocks and names of the officers. He even misrepresented the fact that his phone had been harmed by a vehicle.

In actuality, before NParks officers discovered him, he had purposefully smashed it on a desk in the locked area. Additionally, he misrepresented the CCTV system’s state, which was in perfect working order.

Four CCTV cameras that Arshad had set up at the location were used to collect data from the program.

After the officers arrived, Arshad closed and locked the gate, concealing dubia roaches that are used to serve reptiles and scooping turtles into a smaller box, as seen in the video.

According to defense attorney S S Dhillon, his customer has been operating an ocean since 2015 and is married with a child.

According to Mr. Dhillon, the principal business dealt with ornate fish, equipment sales, and related logistics source.

He claimed that the NParks officials ‘ unexpected entrance startled his client, who “flew into a state of panic.”

According to the attorney, he had smashed his cellphone “in a state of panic” due to his growing anxiety over the telephone calls.

According to Mr. Dhillon, when Arshad delivered tank to the customer, a consumer gave him the turtle and turtles that were discovered at the site.

The attorney asserted that Arshad had taken them “out of benevolence” to take care of them and demanded six weeks in jail in their place.

The trial claimed that this was the most illegal wildlife kept by an offender, but Mr. Dhillon countered that the prosecution’s claim “limits the weight” by stating that just 17 like cases have been reported since 2001.

He continued by saying that his lawyer’s event lacked any proof of buy, intended export, or sale.

Arshad could have been sentenced to up to six months in prison for each command of purposefully keeping animals without permission, fines of S$ 10, 000, or both.