Man in Marsiling getaway attempt charged with drug, weapon and other offences, wants to claim trial

Man in Marsiling getaway attempt charged with drug, weapon and other offences, wants to claim trial

A man who was caught on a viral video trying to drive out of tight traffic while being chased by police officers on foot was charged in court on Thursday ( May 30 ) with multiple offenses.

Muhammad Idris Musbah, a 36- yr- old Taiwanese man, was given 12 charges ranging from drug possession, being a lengthy- time member of a surprise society and operating machinery impulsively.

Another offenses include having a knuckleduster and being a member of an unlawful assembly that intended to inflict harm on a person with a deadly weapons.

The authorities attorney requested a four-week adjournment due to pending investigations.

He requested no bail be set at issue because this was a “warrant to arrest matter,” which implyed that Idris ‘ arrest warrant had been issued.

Idris showed up in court via a movie link from his residence.

He requested a telephone call and said he would be bringing a test for one of the charges, which involved the unlawful assembly with lethal weapons.

At the lock-up, the prosecutor instructed him to submit his demand to the government.

His situation was postponed until a pre-trial conference in June.

At the intersection of Admiralty Road and Marsiling Lane on Tuesday, the officers responded to a call for assistance, according to a police statement, at around 5.50pm.

Idris was spotted attempting to maneuver his automobile out of stable traffic. Online video shows trucks coming and going at red lights.

The authorities arrested Idris” after a little scuffle”, they said. Eventually, it was discovered that Idris was wanted by both the Central Narcotics Bureau and the police.

Idris also seized seven cash accounts and suspected medication, along with a stick, weapon, and knuckleduster.

David is also facing charges for using a deregistered car, displaying a fake license, and in people with a truncheon, according to the authorities statement.