Man fined for drunkenly exposing himself and crawling around hotel lobby

SINGAPORE: A regional manager at a chemicals firm has been fined S$6, hundred by a court on Wednesday (Dec 21) for his drunken behaviour at a hotel.

Mohr Bjoern Herbert, the German national along with Singapore permanent residency, pleaded guilty to three charges associated with appearing drunk plus nude in a public place and using harassing words against the police officer. Another two charges were regarded in sentencing.

The court noticed that Mohr, 53, had gone to VivoCity for drinks having a friend on August 1, 2020.

After this, they visited MO BAR in Mandarin Oriental resort to continue drinking alcohol.

Sometime around 9. 30pm, the pub manager was advised that Mohr and his friend were drunk and had vomited in their seats.

He or she approached them plus took away their own drinks.  

Mohr refused in order to leave the pub, and the bar supervisor had to seek assist from his colleagues to escort Mohr and his friend towards the hotel lobby.  

By then, Mohr had unbuckled his pants and pulled down his underwear, exposing his personal parts and butt.

He triggered a ruckus, indexed around the hotel lobby and was uncooperative. The bar manager called the police designed for help.

Police officers arrived and paramedics were also used to the scene. These people attempted to coax Mohr into sitting on a wheelchair.  

Mohr got upset and began shouting. He also attempted to stand on the wheelchair.

When an officer tried to direct him to the wheelchair, Mohr threw an impact at the officer’s face and lunged forward, brushing his hands against the policeman’s crotch.

He has been arrested.

The particular prosecutor sought an excellent for Mohr.

Lawyer Sunil Sudheesan also sought a fine. He said that Mohr acted out of character and was extremely sorry.

He said Mohr’s activities came after he or she received a “pretty devastating phone call” that day, that his father got suffered from a stroke and was hospitalised.

This resulted in the drinking of alcohol, as a “maladaptive” way of coping with the particular bad news, said Mr Sudheesan.

He pointed to a psychiatric report that said Mohr was having an acute stress reaction.

The particular judge considered this and meted out there a fine to Mohr.