Man fined after firing slingshot at pigeons, leaving hole in neighbour’s window

Man fined after firing slingshot at pigeons, leaving hole in neighbour's window

SINGAPORE: A gentleman bought a hammer along with sand and steel weapons internet and used it at a dual- storey car park in Jurong West.

But, when he fired his hammer at some pigeons, the weapons ricocheted and blew a hole in the kitchen windows of a subsequent- floor flat.

Yu Xueyao, a 37- year- old Singaporean, was fined S$ 1, 500 ( US$ 1, 110 ) by a court on Monday ( Mar 25 ).

He pleaded guilty to one matter of a reckless act endangering personal protection. Two additional charges of possessing an offensive weapons and brutally terrible birds were taken into consideration.

The jury heard that Xu bought the products online from Taiwanese web sites in November 2022.

He practised using the hammer at a multi- floor car area near his block, taking care not to do so if there were vehicles about.

At around 12.40pm on Feb 11, 2023, he decided to apply his hammer on some local pigeons at Block 645 Jurong West Street 61.

He fired it at the animals, causing them to get journey.

However, the weapons ricocheted and hit the kitchen windows of a local level, leaving a gap in the cup.

The owner of the straight had left for breakfast and returned at about 1.35pm to discover the broken window.

He lodged a policeman record and replaced the glass for S$ 1, 030. Yu has paid the survivor this amount in full.

Two slingshots were confiscated from Yu.

The attorney sought a great of S$ 1, 500 to S$ 2, 500, saying a text had to be sent that the work is on consumers to ensure that what they do with what they buy online is legitimate in Singapore instead of just assuming it is.

Nevertheless, he noted that the injury was” no very severe” and that the cost of replacement was great because the house owner is believed to have replaced the entire screen.

Defence lawyer Kalaithasan Karuppaya said his client has taken responsibility for his actions, cooperated with authorities and voluntarily made compensation.

” He did not set out to deliberately cause property damage”, said the lawyer. ” It’s an accident. My client accepts that what he did is wrong in the laws of Singapore”.

He added that Yu would” not do such an offence again”.