Man buys gold necklace for his “lucky gecko” after lotto win

Man buys gold necklace for his "lucky gecko" after lotto win

Man buys gold necklace for his 'lucky gecko' after lotto win
A two-tailed lizard, Jane Chantakui claims was responsible for his participation in the government jackpot two-digit prize of 28, 000 ringgit. ( Photos: Prasit Tangprasert )

A lottery win in Phimai purchased a gold collar for a pleasant two-tailed reptile that he found by opportunity and brought home less than two weeks ago in the belief that it would take him success.

Jane Chantakui, a&nbsp, 42- yr- older design company, was working at a customer’s house on May 20 when he spotted a two- tailed gecko on a practical mixing tub. He was startled by its strange tentacles, but saw the incident&nbsp, as a great sign. Mr. Jane took the bird to the animal’s owner, who gave permission to bring it home and keep it as a pet.

When I first met this reptile, I thought there might be something benevolent about it and thought it might bring good fortune and luck to my household. So I made the decision to bring it home and bring it home for great fortune,” Mr. Jane said.

Mr. Jane won 28, 000 baht from the state jackpot last two-digit prize on Saturday, when the results were announced on the first day of the quarter. 42 was the reported range. He bought 14 raffle tickets, with the award for two figures at 2, 000 ringgit per seat.

A statistician at Thammasat University discovered that only one in 100 people have a chance of winning the two-digit reward, which would require spending roughly four years and two weeks buying a lottery ticket every single time.

Mr. Jane went to a golden store and gave his “lucky pet” a little necklace weighing 25 satang weight of gold, which is worth about 5,100 baht, after crediting the two-tailed gecko for winning the lottery.

” I bought 42 because it’s my time. I truly believed that the lizard brought me chance after winning the lottery. I’ll take care of it as much as I may, and I hope that the next lottery announcement on June 16 does bring me luck,” the contractor said.