Malaysia minimart executives charged over ‘Allah’ socks

Malaysia minimart executives charged over 'Allah' socks

KK Super Mart has apologised for the boots, saying it viewed the subject” really” and had taken action to stop the sale immediately.

Supplier Xin Jian Chang even apologized, claiming that the “problematic boots were component of a larger package of 18, 800 groups ordered” from a business with a base in China.

The delicate expression was listed as “only five pairs of socks” in the advertisement.

The second hearing will be held on April 29 according to deputy public prosecutor Masri Mohamad Daud. The five directors were released on bail.

Islam is the established church in Malaysia, and Malay- Muslims make up over two- quarters of the region’s 34 million individuals.

In the nation that experienced dangerous cultural riots in 1969, race and religion are thorny issues.

Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar rebuked Malay last week by urging them to refrain from discussing sensitive topics like culture, religion, and aristocracy.

He claimed that “whether it was intentional or not,” errors in religion and race could n’t be tolerated.