Malaysia High Court defers decision on Najib’s house arrest bid

Malaysia High Court defers decision on Najib's house arrest bid

Malaysia’s High Court on Wednesday ( Jun 5 ) delayed a decision regarding former prime minister Najib Razak’s ability to continue with his bid to remain imprisoned for the duration of his sentence.

According to senior federal counsel Shamsul Bolhassan from the Attorney-General’s Chambers ( AGC), the court accepted Najib’s request to add two more affidavits to his leave application and will hear the case once more on July 3.

One of the affidavits was filed by Pahang Chief Minister Wan Rosdy Wan Ismail, while the other&nbsp, centred on Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s speech at the 5th&nbsp, Convention of Parti Keadilan Rakyat ( PKR ) in Shah Alam in April.

” The Ag objected to the two documents as they were filed at the very last minute, which was tuesday, when the judge had already set now for the choice on the left application”, said Mr Shamsul.

” But, the judge’s allowed the&nbsp, program to put the testimonies”, he told reporters&nbsp, after the trials on Wednesday, which were held in halls.

Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, Najib’s attorney, confirmed that the judge had accepted the documents.

Najib, who has been imprisoned since Aug. 23, 2022 for fraud offenses, is attempting to persuade the government to create an addendum order that, according to reports, was issued by past Malaysian king Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri’ayatuddin of Pahang, allows him to serve the rest of his word at home.

Since the Federal Court upheld his conviction for criminal breach of trust, energy abuse, and wealth fraud related to the misuse of SRC International funds, he has been imprisoned in Kajang Prison. SRC International is a former unit of 1Malaysia Development Berhad ( 1MDB).

He is slated to become released on Aug 23, 2028.