‘Making us proud’: Malaysian politicians, netizens laud Michelle Yeoh for historic Oscar win

'Making us proud': Malaysian politicians, netizens laud Michelle Yeoh for historic Oscar win


The popular local phrase conveying encouragement, “Malaysia boleh (can)”, flooded social media platforms as Malaysians tuning in to the awards ceremony congratulated Yeoh on her win. 

“This is history, Malaysia boleh. Congratulations Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh!” said a netizen on Twitter. 

Another praised the actress for spotlighting Malaysia on the global stage.  

“No longer a little girl, but thank you Michelle Yeoh for paving the way, for letting us hear ‘Malaysia’ on an Oscar stage. History in the making indeed!” said a netizen on Twitter, referencing Yeoh’s speech. 

“This might be the first time the words ‘Malaysia’ and ‘KL’ appear in a major show on American TV. Been following her and the movie’s success all year … So proud of Michelle Yeoh,” said another netizen. 

In her acceptance speech, Yeoh expressed hope that the award would be a “beacon of hope” for those who looked like her.  

“For all the little boys and girls who look like me watching tonight, this is a beacon of hope and possibilities,” she said at the Dolby Theatre at Ovation Hollywood in Los Angeles.

“I’m taking this (trophy) home to (my mom). She’s watching right now in Malaysia, in KL with my family and friends. I love you guys, I’m bringing this home to you.” 

After the speech, Yeoh’s mother, Mrs Janet Yeoh, was seen in a video celebrating the win in KL with family and friends while on a video call with the actress who was displaying the trophy. 

“Malaysia boleh!” exclaimed the 84-year-old, grinning at her daughter’s win.