Lop Buri school chief accused of serial molestation

Kids group together to file complaints with authorities, school producer transferred pending investigation

Lop Buri school chief accused of serial molestation
Parents and their children gather to complain about the school’s producer in the Lop Buri Chai Badan city. ( Photo: E-sor Khayee Khao 3 Facebook page )

According to training officials, the school chairman in Lop Buri sexually molested many students, and police are looking into allegations that the man has been moved to another school pending their own analysis.

Families of 27 individuals took their children to the Chai Badan district police station on Wednesday night to lodge problems with the officers.

One family, who was only identified as Sanor, testified to the authorities that the alleged abuse had dissuaded her daughter and other children from attending school. According to Ms. Sanor, this prompted the kids to question what had happened to their children.

The kids informed their parents that the university director had abused them at the university. He frequently entered a place where students were changing clothes and frequently touched their bodies while hugging them.

After learning about the subject, the families teamed up to take their kids to record the police issues, she said.

Following the investigation, Chai Badan area main Phanupong Siri met with the kids ‘ families and Chai Badan students.

Families have been questioned by police, and therapists are being hired to assist with the student questioning. The school where the incidents were reported teaches students in grades kindergarten through third grade ( Grade 9) ).

The accused producer has denied the allegations, blaming a tutor for being behind the walk, Television Channel 7 reported.

The chairman claimed that the professor was upset after receiving numerous instructions for taking off from the school. He claimed that the professor had been spreading lies to tarnish his reputation.

Thanu Wongchinda, secretary-general of the Office of the Basic Education Commission ( Obec), said on Thursday that he had received information about issues involving 12 students so much.

He mandated that a fact-finding council be established in the Lop Buri training office and submitted a report within seven days. If there is clear information, a administrative panel may be set up to take action against the chairman, he added.

Mr. Thanu vowed to bring justice to all parties. He claimed that, pending the results of investigations, he had now transferred the producer.