Loan-shark couple surrender in naked photos case

Loan-shark couple surrender in naked photos case

Loan-shark couple surrender in naked photos case
In Prachin Buri state early on Monday morning, Sri Maha Phot train captain Pol Col Mongkol Thopao issues the two offenders. ( Photo supplied )

A married couple who runs a private loan company in the Sri Maha Phot district on Monday, at 1.30 am, was detained from the police in the district of Sri Maha Phot to testify against the allegations of posting nude photos of debt defaulters online.

Sri Maha Phot place key Pol Col Mongkol Thopao and her father, Pol Col Mongkol Thopao&nbsp, questioned the 31-year-old woman and her husband for an hour. Finally, the person said they were shocked by the position and were not ready to answer writers ‘ issues.

After learning that authorities were conducting a research of their home on Sunday evening in the Sri Maha Phot area, the couple turned themselves, according to Pol Col. Mongkol. They were attempting to make money in the northern Kalasin, and their home was hidden behind a fence.

The train manager claimed that he had advised them to give in when they arrived.

The couple was accused of loan sharks, posting images of naked persons on computer systems, and demanding payment in a dishonest fashion that endangered other people’s reputations.

According to Pol Col Mongkol, the partners in Prachin Buri had no creditors.

A guy who had reportedly borrowed 500 ringgit from the suspect previously complained that his nude photo had been sent to his five sureties, including his own mother.

He claimed that the borrower had instructed him to create uninsightly with his ID cards and sign a release agreement letting her release his picture if he defaulted.

The bank reportedly charged him 100- bass regular attention. The defendant claimed to have paid the curiosity on time for six months. When his nude photo was made public after he slipped a day behind in the eighth week. The person is a tribal of Chachoengsao state, which is close by.

The borrower reportedly also ordered lady debtors to create shirtless for pictures&nbsp, for the same objective.