Like a pop star, Nvidia’s CEO Huang stirs up ‘Jensanity’ in Taiwan

Like a pop star, Nvidia's CEO Huang stirs up 'Jensanity' in Taiwan

The co-founder and CEO of the artificial intelligence ( AI ) chip giant, which is now the third-largest company in the US and a key player in the AI revolution, is only getting his fair share.

” He’s just like an motivation- he’s one of us”, said expert Hol Chang, 38, as he waited to hear Huang talk at Computex this year. What he is doing is known as” changing the world.”

” He’s like a pop star. Amanda Shih, a financial professional, was pleased to see him at Computex after missing out on a ticket to his speech at Taipei’s top-rated National Taiwan University on Sunday ( Jun 2 ), according to Shih.

His notoriety in Taiwan irritates Nvidia’s boardroom and executive positions in the device sector. Other people take notice that this significant interest never occurs in the US. In Silicon Valley, where Nvidia is based, he is often but not always recognised.

Huang, 61, who was born in the southwestern area of Tainan, Taiwan’s traditional cash, before emigrating to the US at the age of nine, has returned the like.

He has met with regular customers at the Ningxia Night Market and has honed his skills with Morris Chang, the withdrew founder of Taiwanese device powerhouse TSMC.

He has quietly stopped to take photographs, answer queries about what he has eaten, and sign autographs, including a female fan’s request to mark her bottom across her neck.

Huang apologized to the audience for his poor Mandarin, which he claimed he had just learned in the US, on Saturday night at a baseball match in Taipei.

” I want to let you know how much I appreciate your welcoming our business, Nvidia, in Taiwan. Taiwan is the home of Nvidia’s highly prized companions”, he said in English, before reeling off brands such as TSMC and Foxconn.

He frequently uses Japanese when speaking it at press conferences and on the streets of Taiwan. Although it is also spoken in China’s Fujian province and is largely referred to as Hokkien, the speech is strongly associated with those who support Taiwan’s separation from China.

” In the past, some persons looked down on Taiwanese. Then Jensen Huang, the’ three trillion dollars man’, normally uses his mom tongue”, Wang Ting- yu, a freshman lawmaker for Taiwan’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party, wrote in a Facebook post.

Huang’s assertion that he was considering opening a second research and development facility in Taiwan, possibly in Tainan and Kaohsiung, two southern cities where a lot of tech manufacturing now occurs, sparked light-hearted but nevertheless serious Facebook posts from the mayors of both cities.

” I’ve got a flying permit myself. We may contain three boat seats if new Nvidia employees are welcomed to Kaohsiung, so they can go out on the water at any time,” according to city mayor Chen Chi-mai, who posted a photo of himself captaining a boat above a image of himself.