Lawyer says activist’s autopsy raises questions

Lawyer says activist’s autopsy raises questions

Motorcade opposition duo denied bail once, two nights after friend’s death

Lawyer says activist’s autopsy raises questions
Netiporn” Boong” Sanesangkhom, 28, was a key part of the Thalu Wang opposition party. She died on Tuesday in a jail doctor after having a heart attack. ( Photo: Thai Lawyers for Human Rights )

Lawyer Kritsadang Nutcharat said on Thursday that imprisoned activist Netiporn Sanesangkhom had no vital symptoms when she arrived at Thammasat University Hospital, where she was pronounced dead on Tuesday.

Additionally, Mr. Kritsadang claimed that an autopsy’s preliminary findings raised doubts about the care Netiporn received at the Central Correctional Hospital in the period leading up to her soul attack.

He claimed that he and Netiporn’s home were still awaiting her health data and surveillance footage from the hospital where she was receiving treatment.

According to the lawyer, the autopsy revealed that the causes of death were acute heart failure, excessive material harmony, and an enlarged heart. Additional laboratory tests are being conducted to ascertain other contributing factors, such as poor medical care or carelessness, he added.

The examination also found Netiporn’s chest was empty at the time of her death. After a protracted hunger strike before, the Department of Corrections had previously stated that she was still eating generally in the weeks leading up to her dying.

Netiporn, whose loan had been revoked in connection with a stability- uncorrectable demand, went into respiratory arrest at the jail medical at 6.23am on Tuesday. She was soon taken to Thammasat University Hospital, where doctors that coordinated treatment efforts. She arrived there at 9.30 am, and she was later declared deceased at 11.22 am.

In a related development, the Criminal Court after repeatedly denied parole for Natthanon” Frank” Chaimahabud and Tantawan” Tawan” Tuatulanon, two acquaintances of Netiporn who have now been detained for 93 time, according to Thai Lawyers for Human Rights.

After a prosecutor applied for parole on Thursday morning, the judge said there was no reason to alter the original purchase. In the past, the judge has cited concerns about the length of the word a rebellion faith carries as well as concerns about the potential escape of the suspects.

Following an incident on February 4 when a limousine was traveling with Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, Ms. Tantawan and Mr.

The couple went on a hunger strike the following morning after being detained on February 13. They appear to be taking some food, liquid, and drugs, but they still seem weak. Ms. Tantawan was moved to Thammasat University Hospital on Wednesday while Mr. Natthanon is currently in the Central Correctional Hospital.

According to her attorneys, Ms. Tantawan was on the same hospital as Netiporn when the latter experienced respiratory arrest and was deeply distressed by the death of her friend, necessitating specialized care in an outdoor hospital.

A big crowd gathered at Wat Suthapot in Lat Krabang area on Thursday evening for the first day of Netiporn’s funeral service.

Many young activists mingled with officials and various public figures who had come to comfort the community by raising three- hand salutes and singing songs. Walk Forward Party head Chaitawat Tulathon was one of them. On Sunday, the death will take place.