Krabi fishermen haul in giant squid

Krabi fishermen haul in giant squid

On Friday, fishermen in Krabi brought in some scarcely seen huge fish, which made many people wonder not only what varieties they were but also what they may feel like.

Nuch Juraluck posted pictures of the sea creatures on Facebook, each weighing a staggering 5 kilograms. The sight piqued people’s interest and prompted questions like,” What kind of fish are they?” Additionally,” Their meat does n’t appear to be enjoyable to chew.”

The page’s owner, who owns a seafood stand in the Muang district of Krabi, claimed she was unaware of the squids’ recognized name but that they are frequently referred to as muek jeen by vendors.

Two enormous fish, each weighing about 5 kg, are being held by employees at a Krabi seafood market. Social picture: Nuch Juraluck

The fishing vessel Chokpapimol caught four or five of the fish off the coast of Krabi on Friday, and 100 baht per kg of their meat was sold.

The deep-water fish, also known as muek jeen by fishermen, is not frequently found in the region, according to Charoenchai Srisuwan, a mature fisheries official in Krabi.

He added that there have been no reports of jellyfish being caught close to the shore and that catches are just reported every three to five years, typically by trawlers using big nets.

According to him, its existence in the sea close to Krabi points to a potential increase in biodiversity and fertility brought on by annual fishery closures. He did, however, add that it was also conceivable that the aquatic creature had moved as a result of underground eruptions.