Korat hospital accused of fatal misdiagnosis

Two victims ‘ families request an investigation from the health ministry.

Korat hospital accused of fatal misdiagnosis
Thaniya Chaodonka, who was holding a framed photograph of her four-year-old daughter who passed away in a hospital in Nakhon Ratchasima in January, sheds all of her tears. On Thursday, the household complained to the Ministry of Public Health, requesting an investigation into whether the death was caused by health care issues. ( Photo: Sagee Wongchaisuwan )

The Ministry of Public Health has requested that the home of a four-year-old girl who died after receiving care at a clinic in Nakhon Ratchasima examine whether a mistake was to responsible.

Up to 10 deaths may be attributable to human error or erroneous treatments at Phra Thongkham Hospital, according to a base that helped bring the case to lighting.

Thaniya Chaodonka, joined by members of the Pen Nueng Foundation, met on Thursday with Thanakit Jitareerat, a evil- secretary, and explained what happened to her baby.

She claimed that her daughter, who had a disease on January 25, went to Phra Thongkham Hospital where the physician diagnosed her with flu symptoms. She had trouble breathing and a severe chest ache four days later when she came back to the hospital. According to Ms. Thaniya, the doctor had tests performed and informed the family that it would take a year to get the results.

After receiving operation, the woman was later transferred to Maharat Nakhon Ratchasima Hospital, where she passed away on January 31. Sepsis and a damaged annex were thought to be the cause of death.

Ms. Thaniya claimed that she thought the initial doctor made a mistake analysis, and that the delay in treatment worsened and led to her daughter’s death. She requested the department to deal with the case because the hospital failed to provide a satisfactory explanation to the household.

She said,” I do n’t want to see other families suffer the same fate, so I have made the decision to petition the ministry.” ” I want the government to look into whether there were any errors, including medical treatment errors,” I said.

The home of a person who was admitted to the same doctor with a tummy ache and eventually passed away was also brought to life by the Pen Nueng Foundation. The base reported that it had received information on about 10 situations involving suspected errors in medical treatment or care.

Mr. Thanakit informed the two people that a committee would be established to look into their problems. People are entitled to compensation under Part 41 of the National Health Security Act if health care issues are established, he claimed.