Kinderland alleged abuse cases ‘not reflective’ of wider preschool sector


On Monday, Ms. Sun acknowledged that some members were worried that the” heavy” workload for educators might cause such” adverse incidents” and increase their stress. & nbsp,

The Early Childhood Development Agency ( ECDA ) is working to” improve the career proposition and working conditions of preschool educators” in order to support educators, according to Ms. Sun.

These actions include raising their pay, offering solutions for expert growth, and offering programs to ensure their wellbeing. & nbsp,

According to Ms. Sun, the ECDA made an announcement in October of last year to increase educator pay so that it would be” market-competitive and commensurate with their growing competencies.”

We do this because we are aware of and proud of the advancements in the training and expertise of our 24, 000-strong workforce over the years, and we want to keep the high-caliber educators we have and draw more people to visit ,” she said. In addition, & nbsp,

She added that the government will continue to apply the salary increases in 2024 after working with government-funded users this year.

According to Ms. Sun, ECDA also gives instructors the tools they need to manage their professional growth, advance their knowledge, and make plans for professional development. & nbsp,

Moreover, EDCA has been working to enhance working conditions, such as eliminating the Saturday need for childcare centers. This significant change, which was made public in July of this year, was intended to give educators” better work-life balance and enough rest to recharge.” & nbsp, It will go into effect on January 1st, 2025. & nbsp,

More actions are being considered, such as the ECDA’s review of preschools’ practices on” non-contact – time” to give teachers a break from their regular duties to” refresh and complete non-teaching tasks ,” she added. & nbsp,

The business will soon be informed of the review’s findings.